Human Resources

A business manager goes through a temp agency to find him a competent assistant. Those who pass the interview do not stay in post for more than a month. The manager harasses them and expects them to perform in a non-professional manner. How can this spiral be broken?

Country : Morocco
Year : 2023
Length : 17 minutes
Production : Studio 5
Director : Dania Achour
Screenplay : Dania Achour

Basma Mazouzi, Ahmed El Falah, Dania Achour, Ilyas Amel

  • Dania Achour

Dania Achour is an actress, author, and producer. She has produced educational shows and fictional short films screened at film festivals in Morocco and internationally. After writing puppet shows, she wrote and directed her first fiction short film "Poupiya", which received awards at various festivals.