Clowny’s mama

After losing his mother to cancer at a very young age, the traumatized little kid transformed into an unstable man, disguised as a scary clown, kidnapping young blonde girls for a mysterious reason.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2021
Length : 20 minutes
Production : SNRT, Yandiss Productions
Director : Manal Ghoua
Screenplay : Manal Ghoua

Nawfal El Majdoubi, Zineb Laalami, Nada Haddaoui, Amine Oumlil, Sabrine Zaibal

  • Manal Ghoua

Film director and producer, Manal Ghoua, made her debut short film "Clowny's Mama" in 2021. The film won several national and international awards, having participated in approximately 52 festivals. Currently, Manal Ghoua is working on her second short film, "Ghost of the Past", while also preparing to shoot her first feature film in October 2023.