This is the story of a couple who has the habit of watching a movie every Saturday night. This time, things won't go as planned because they will watch a film whose events remind them of their own story, which will mark a turning point in their lives.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2022
Length : 16 minutes
Production : Plug-on
Director : Salma Loukhmas
Screenplay : Salma Loukhmas

Amine Benjelloun, Narjiss Amiri, Hajar Masdouki, Nabil Atif

  • Salma Loukhmas

Salma Loukhmas is a committed director and women's rights activist with a degree in cinema. She works as a chief editor in Moroccan cinema. Her first short film, "Trahison", won the critics' prize at the Tangier National Film Festival.