Every day after school, instead of going home, Layla counts her steps towards a wall and multiplies them by 72. When her mother confronts her about it, the 10-year-old offers a peculiar explanation.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2021
Length : 16 minutes
Production : Evil Dog House Production, SNRT
Director : Aya Moudden
Screenplay : Aya Moudden

Zineb Imhidi, Safaa Khatami

  • Aya Moudden

Graduated in Fine Arts with a focus on Film and Digital Technology, Aya Moudden is a filmmaker and color grading technician. In 2021, she directed her first short film titled "72". As a colorist, she has contributed her expertise to various projects, including short and feature films, TV series, music videos, and commercials.