Ooh Miroir

Shama has been star host of a successful talk-show for 20 years. Every day her mirror reflects the image of a young, free, and vibrant woman. But what about the others? Will they be as forgiving as her mirror?

Country : Morocco
Year : 2021
Length : 15 minutes
Production : Ostudio
Director : Majda Bessaih
Screenplay : Majda Bessaih

Asmaa Khamlichi, Hamza El Fadli, Nada Oubnichou

  • Majda Bessaih

After producing several documentaries, animated films, and television commercials on human rights, immigration, and violence against women for institutional organizations and NGOs, Majda Bensaih turned to fiction. She has written and directed three short films: "From One World to Another", "A Red Scarf" and "Ya Mraya".