Nejma Mars 2020

Nejma, in her thirties, leaves Brussels for a work mission in Casablanca. At the request of her father, she visits her grandmother whom she has not seen since the age of 12 and whom she hardly knows. An unexpected event forces the two women to confine themselves together.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2022
Length : 15 minutes
Production : Tv Film Solution
Director : Leila Msefer
Screenplay : Leila Msefer, Abdallah Chakiri

Fatima Harandi (Raouia), Nada Belkasmi, Saloua Al Jaouhari

  • Leila Msefer

Leila Msefer, architect, director with a background in audiovisual. In 2020, she made her first short film, "Casa ma belle", about architectural heritage. In 2022, her second short film, "Nejma Mars 2020", was released, winning a special mention from the jury at the Tangier National Film Festival.