The Pathan Sisters

Gujarat, West of India. Sofia and Suzain are two teenage sisters brought up in a humble household, taken care of by their father since their mother left. They were too young to remember, but 20 years ago, their family barely escaped the deadly 2002 Gujarat (West of India) anti-Muslim riots. Refusing the grim day-to-day routine and the shadow of the past, Sofia and Suzain want to embrace life to the fullest. While they grow up, reality comes knocking.

Country : France
Year : 2023
Length : 76 minutes
Production : Dryades Films
Director : Eléonore Boissinot
Screenplay : Eléonore Boissinot

  • Eléonore Boissinot

Trained in social sciences at the Sorbonne and Jawaharlal Nehru University, and in documentary direction at Les Ateliers Varan, Eléonore Boissinot started her career by assisting anthropologists in the field in Lebanon and India. In 2016, she co-founded Dryades Films with Claire Babany, they have since then produced a number of award-winning documentaries. Eléonore learnt Hindi in order to develop “The Pathan Sisters”, her directorial debut.