Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Etero, a 48-year-old Georgian woman, never wanted a husband. But a passionate affair makes her question everything she imagined her life could be...

Country : Georgia, Switzerland
Year : 2023
Length : 110 minutes
Production : Alva Film, Takes Film
Director : Elene Naveriani
Screenplay : Elene Naveriani, Nikoloz Mdivani

Eka Chavleishvili, Temiko Chinchinadze

  • Elene Naveriani

A graduate in cinema, Elene Naveriani is a Georgian director. Her first feature "I am truly a drop of sun on earth" (2017), as well as her second film "Wet Sand" (2021), have won numerous awards. In addition to that, Elene has also directed two short films that have also been recognized with multiple awards. Currently, she is working on the development of two further feature projects.