Amanda, 24, lives mostly isolated and has never had any friends, despite this being the thing she desires the most. When she discovers that as toddlers her and Rebecca used to spend a lot of time together, Amanda chooses her new mission: to convince her that they are still best friends.

Country : Italy
Year : 2022
Length : 93 minutes
Production : Elsinore Film, Wildside, Tenderstories
Director : Carolina Cavalli
Screenplay : Carolina Cavalli

Benedetta Porcaroli, Galatea Bellugi, Michele Bravi, Monica Nappo

  • Carolina Cavalli

Screenplay writer, director, and writer, Carolina Cavalli as a staff-writer and co- screenplay writer for TV series and independent feature films. In 2021, she made her first feature film, “Amanda”. In 2022, she published her first novel, “Metropolitania” (Fandango).