Paula is 11 years old. School bores her, and she has only one friend, Achille. Her father surprises her: they will spend the summer in the house of her dreams by a lake. But time flies, autumn approaches, and they still haven't returned.

Country : France
Year : 2023
Length : 98 minutes
Production : Kidam
Director : Angela Ottobah
Screenplay : Angela Ottobah

Aline Hélan-Boudon, Finnegan Oldfield, Océan, Salomon Diallo

  • Angela Ottobah

After studying philosophy and ethnology, Angela Ottobah directed her first short film in Mozambique. She then made a documentary, a medium-length film, and three more short films before dedicating herself to "Paula," her first feature film, for which she received the Beaumarchais Award and the special screenplay award.