Green card

Habib and Labib, two inseparable friends, dream of a better life. To do so, they enter the "Green Card" U.S. immigration lottery and promise each other they'll leave together or stay together. As fate would have it, only Labib wins the lottery. Labib has a hellish idea to accompany his friend.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2022
Length : 95 minutes
Production : New Line Production
Director : Hicham Regragui
Screenplay : Hicham Regragui

Fayçal Azizi, Hashem Bastaoui, Aziz Hattab, Fatima Zahra Baladi, Hassnaa Moumni, Nash Zoubir, Noufissa Doukkali, Mohamed Hmimsa, Souad Nejjar, Hamid Nider

  • Hicham Regragui

Production Director, filmmaker, audiovisual and cinema trainer, Hicham Regragui has been trained by renowned directors and producers such as Martin Scorsese, Sir Ridley Scott, and Oliver Stone. He has directed four short films and the feature film "Green Card" in 2022. His films have won several awards at national and international festivals.