Casa Overdose

This film tells the story of addiction, delinquency among young people, downfall, neglect, family breakdown, parental concern, and the deviation of children.

Country : Morocco
Year : 2021
Length : 90 minutes
Production : Action Production
Director : Adil Ammor
Screenplay : Adil Ammor

Noufissa Benchehida, Mohamed Khouyi, Fatima Zahra Ahrar, Rabii Sakalli

  • Adil Ammor

Graduated from the School of Cinema Trades in Marseille, Adil Ammor is an actor in foreign and Moroccan films and series. He has also directed over twenty short films, many of which have received awards at international and national festivals. "Casa Overdose" marks Adil Ammor's debut as a director and producer in a feature-length film.