Naima Ilyas



Thanks to her efforts and dedication, the Moroccan artist Naima Elias, born in Casablanca in the old Medina, has managed to make a name for herself in theater, television, and cinema. She has amassed an impressive track record in each of these fields: over 40 theater productions with tours in Morocco and abroad, 15 cinematic films, 20 television series, and more than 10 sitcoms, as well as over 30 television films.

She has received significant awards at various national and international festivals and has been honored at numerous artistic events. In 1992, she wrote the theater play "The Singer of the Neighborhood," which was broadcast on the 2M television channel.

She served on the theater support commission at the Ministry of Culture for several years and was also part of various national and Arab festival juries. Naima Ilyas has always made sure to portray roles that reflect the history of Moroccan women. Her latest artistic work includes her participation in the series "Jorouh" by Ahmed Aksas, aired on "MBC 5" channel and the Shahid platform, as well as the lead role in the TV movie "Akher Kalam" by Mohamed Ahed Bensouda. Her most recent cinematic role was in the film "The Slave" by Abdelilah El Jaouhari.