Andrea Taschler



Graduated from the Budapest University of Performing and Film Arts, Andrea Taschler has been working in film production since 2000.

During a decade of collaborations with the new generation of Hungarian cinema and at the head of the production house "Katapult Film", she has produced several films of international dimension, some of which have won awards, such as "Before the Dawn” by Balint Kenyeres, “White palms” and “Library Pascal” by Szabolcs Hajdu, “Night” by Ferenc Török.

As an independent producer, in 2010 she created her own production company in Budapest "Mirage Film", with the aim of producing innovative projects through a professional network, international training and co-production forums.

"Mirage Film" received support from the Hungarian Film Fund for seven film projects, as well as from Hungarian Television for three short films and two animation series pilot projects.

In 2019, "Mirage Film" partnered with "Eclipse Films," based in Casablanca, with the aim of focusing on projects in the North African region and creating a stronger connection between African filmmakers and Eastern Europe. The first collaboration resulted in the first official co-production between Morocco and Hungary, the epic feature film titled "Scirocco".